Earning Money While You Shop!

I absolutely love earning cash back when I shop at the stores I go to on a regular basis and I’ve even found several new stored that I’ve tried out due to the cash back rewards.

It’s as easy as opening the Rakuten app or clicking on the icon on your desktop, search the store and click “shop now”. You should see a shopping trip # once you go in to shop to verify that you’re on your way to earning cash back. Once you make your order, it should show up in your shopping trips. I mean, it may take a day or two to show up in your cash back, but keep your receipts/emails just in case.

The reason I say this is because over the past few months there have been some glitches. I’ve shopped at several stores (as normal) and for some reason they didn’t pop up like normal. I had to go in and fill out a Missing Cash Back form for each purchase. Now, it’s not hard. All you have to do is select the store, type order# and date in, then copy/paste your order confirmation in and submit.

Now mind you that it doesn’t happen ALL of the time and just like with all apps and technology, things happen. Rakuten has ALWAYS provided me with exceptional customer service when inquiring/submitting a Missing Cash Back form. The 4 stars is simply because there is a glitch somewhere and I simply cannot figure out where. I haven’t changed devices, I always open through the Rakuten App, I am always seeing the trip info when I start to shop. Hopefully it will all work itself out. Regardless, I will continue to use Rakuten because they have been good to me!

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